Who is Sean?


Sean Donahoe is a legend in the Internet Marketing world with some of the largest launches in history under his belt.

Known for creating products and systems that customers love and create REAL results with. He is a 24+ year veteran business builder, master trader, investor and has helped thousands of traders all over the world be more successful, profitable, consistent, and confident with their trading.

Sean is the founder and CEO of Trade Canyon, Inc., a company dedicated to creating profitable, consistent and business-like traders by sharing over 24 years of experience, strategies and building consistent wealth without worry.

From the moment he placed his first trade in 1999 he was hooked bringing his business building super-powers to trading regardless of the economy. He has been hired as a consultant for multinational banks, investment firms, and money managers globally.

Tailored for beginners and intermediate learners, this course is a comprehensive guide to building a successful online trading business from anywhere in the world in just a few minutes a day.


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